Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Designer: John D. Clair
Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Time: 30-75 min

This tableau builder from John D. Clair (Mystic Vale) has some similar mechanics as Machi Koro.  Players begin the game with a player board and basic cards in each of 10 numbered slots. You roll two dice and either utilize them separately or together to activate these slots.  The bottom of the board has 3 resource trackers, one for ‘money’, one for income and one for points.  Your basic cards and cards you purchase will affect these tracks differently.  When you purchase a new card, it is designated to go in one of the 10 numbered slots on the player board, replacing the one currently in that slot.  When you place a new card, the old one turns upside down in that slot and has a new benefit that is now active on other players’ turns.  This is a great mechanic that keeps players engaged the whole game.

 Once you get the basic rules down, this is a fairly light game.  However, what makes this one stand out is the 3 resource trackers on each player board and the unique abilities each card you acquire gives you.  Manipulating the cards to get you the best outcome is the key to the game. Planning these card upgrades better than your opponents will get you the best Space Base in the galaxy!