Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Well, Gen Con 50 has come and gone and we wanted to leave you with a few impressions on our visit.

The convention, as always, was quite the spectacle with record, sell-out attendance and 24 hour event schedules.  Lucas Oil Stadium became a showcase for a Gen Con historical display covering aspects of the convention's 50 year history.  The stadium also hosted tournaments as well as True Dungeon.  The main exhibit hall once again housed hundreds of vendors from all over the world, and the rest of the convention center, as well as adjoining hotels, were utilized for events, tournaments and additional gaming areas.  Georgia Street was closed off again for food trucks, events and entertainment.

Lucas Oil Stadium

It was a bittersweet year for us as we did not win the hotel lottery and had to commute to Indy on a couple of the days.  Fortunately, though, we're within reasonable driving distance so it wasn't too bad.  Still, having to miss out on the 'night life' and evening events was kind of sad.  At any rate, the overall experience was still worth it.

We were able to snag most of the items on our wishlists and see most of the vendors and industry personalities that we enjoy.  Currently, Indianapolis is slated to have Gen Con through 2021 with next year's dates falling on August 2nd through the 5th.

See you next year!

The Ruhr from Capstone Games

Replica of entrance to 1st Gen Con

The Force is strong at this convention

? ? ?

A few goodies!

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